Overview of GG Gruppen AS

Present in the entire value chain of real estate development 

GG Gruppen AS was established in 2010 and is owned by Carl Haakon (Bobo) Garder with family

GG Gruppen AS is a holding company with significant ownership interest in companies associated with construction and real estate development, including rental of premises for shops, offices, warehouses and production

The Group is a significant landowner with currently~4,000,000 m2 under development

Their main focus is sites at the eastern part of Norway and Västra Götaland. Through development of both commercial areas and attractive sites for residential development, the Group contributes to growth within these regions

The group has also ownership of a large amount of companies associated with construction in addition to a significant property portfolio consisting of commercial premises

The group has 340 employees and generated a profit of NOK 130m during 2019 with a net asset value of NOK ~1bn Current annual rent income is proximately NOK 40m

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